Project Description


The Messenger Wall is a public artwork and project of the Short North Alliance that commemorates the incredible messengers in our community who represent empowerment and give voice to the underserved. 

The artwork honors the legacy of the Short North Alliance’s founding director, John Angelo. Angelo means “angel” or “messenger” in Italian. Angelo was a consummate messenger for the neighborhood. He championed lasting programs for, events in, and improvements to our community. Like Angelo, this building’s owner, Community Housing Network, and its tenant, Dress for Success Columbus, serve as profound messengers to those they serve. 

As seen on the PBS: Broad and High

Artists Eric Rausch and Jen Kiko chose the pigeon to represent these community messengers. Kiko designed the composition, which is meant to capture the fluidity of a bird in flight. With assistant Brook Slobodien, Rausch then hand carved ‘green’ bricks, numbered the backs, and fired them in a kiln. The 652 bricks were then installed into existing window sills of this historic building. 

The 26 birds on the wall were originally sculpted by hand. After molds were made, the birds were produced using the brick clay shavings collected during the carving process. The messenger pigeons have colorful vibrancy to represent the diverse community of the Short North Arts District.