Project Description


Located in the Greater Columbus Convention Center parking garage, Fish Marks the Spot is a 30’ by 11’ hand made, ceramic tile mosaic created by Eric Rausch and Jen Kiko. There are almost 1200 tiles in the composition and each one is unique. 

The image of the golden Moore fish on a purple abstract background was originally drawn by Jen Kiko in color pencil on an 8.5”x11” piece of paper. From that drawing (enlarged of course), Eric made templates and (with lots of help) rolled out over 3000 pounds of clay into 1/2” thick slabs. The paper templates were used to cut the tiles, which were then beveled, smoothed, flipped and marked on the the back. Next, the tiles were dried, fired in a kiln, painted with glaze and fired again. The result is this spectacular work of art. So remember, when it’s time to find your car, Fish Marks the Spot…