Project Description

In The Neighborhood“, located in front of Cameron Mitchell’s’ Valentina’s Italian restaurant at Bridge Park in Dublin. In The Neighborhood, is a 14′ high hand made, ceramic tile mosaic created by Jen Kiko and Eric Rausch. Jen and Eric designed this piece to make visitors consider that in the vicinity of these beautiful buildings, bars, and restaurants, there is a river with a huge ecosystem. “We want everyone to take a moment and see all that is around you.

Discover the hidden gems, flowers, birds and bugs all native to Ohio. They include: 2 Cardinals, 1 Red Winged Black bird, 1 Brown Sparrow, 1 Bee-Eater, 2 Lady Bugs, 1 Luna Moth, 1 Helbender Salamander, 1 Spotted Salamander, 1 Goldenrod, 3 Anemones, 1 Cicada, 4 Coneflowers, 5 Pansies, 6 sunflowers, 4 Coneflowers, and 5 Shamrocks. Make it a game for the family! Cameron Mitchell’s staff will provide you with a coloring page with all the images for you to find.

There are approximately 4400 tiles in the composition and each one is unique.